Hey there! Hi there! Welcome!

Anna Maria

You’ve stumbled upon my blog. You’ve ended up here for some reason. So let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Roxanne (or as some affectionately call me, Roxy). I am a 20something-year-old Pennsylvania transplant living in Orlando, FL.  I moved down to the sunshine state after my college graduation. I am a Mansfield University alumni (Go Mounties!) and received a degree in Mass Communication.

My passion for all things communication started in middle school when I had my first communications class and it followed me through the rest of my life.

So, why start a blog?

My last two jobs (working for a mouse 😉 and a cosmetics company) have filled me with joy and happiness and taught me two important things. One – I like to talk to people from all over the world and learn from them. Two – I like to teach people.

This blog is going to be personal, but it is also going to hit topics like weight loss, makeup tips and tutorials, reviews on products, my photography and a deep dive into my mind.


I hope that you will stick around and I hope you like what I have to say.
Don’t be shy and don’t be a stranger around here – leave comments, tweet me, find me on Instagram, or add me on Snapchat. I love all things social!


With Love from the Sunshine State,